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  • date:2014-01-09Pyrex glass teapot
      This glass double wall cup is made of durable, heat resistant, mouth-blown borosilicate glass of the finest quality, and popular with flower blossom tea such as chrysanthemum blooming tea. Borosilicat [More]
  • date:2014-01-07glass double wall teacups
      Double Wall design means your drink stays hot or cold much longerSophisticated style includes a handle and shaped glass design100% Borosilicate GlassBeautiful Espresso/Tea GlassComplete Glass design t [More]
  •   Features:Teapot Romeo Comes with one glass lid, glass strainer and glass teapot body. Crystal clear heat resistant glass.Dishwasher top rackMicrowave safeEnjoyable tea drinking experienceUnique and lo [More]
  •    Shanghai MD glassware manufacture Co., Ltd specializes in design, manufacturing and sales of numerous types of househo [More]
  • date:2013-12-06Glass tea features
      Glass texture transparent, brilliant luster, shape plasticity, shapes, and versatile. Glass of tea, bright color of tea, soft and delicate tea, tea brewing and down throughout the moving process wear [More]
  •   Tea, people only focus on the tea itself, color, smell, taste, shape and beautiful , but also equipped with scientific and practical and artistic high tea . For tea appreciation and options, including [More]
  •   Glass, glass or glass ancients called flow is indeed a colored translucent minerals. Tea made ​​of this material , and to give people a bright color, brilliant sense of . Our glass production technolo [More]
  •   Try to improve stressfulAlthough tea has a transparent glass texture , glossy , gorgeous, plasticity, cheap and so on , but the glass cup brittle, easily broken, than ceramic hot, is its imperfection [More]
  •   Tea , the ancient tea or tea is also known . According to the Western Han Fu Wang Bao home say " unsettled about " have " to do with Pengcha , drink heavily have covered possession" of , which is Chin [More]